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BCware Studio

Low-Code Web2-Web3 Workflow Automation

BCware Studio is the drag-and-drop interface for creating workflows that bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 systems. Developers without blockchain expertise can connect wallets, connect to blockchain nodes, and quickly create innovative solutions that operate at enterprise quality and connect to existing Web2 applications. Once created, Flows can be stored in the BCware Studio Repository and deployed into BCflow running on-premise or in the cloud.

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BCware BCflow

On-Chain Off-Chain Workflow Engine

BCflow is a workflow engine that integrates and orchestrates off-chain computing with on-chain smart contracts. Using BCflow, developers can compose workflows independently of the connectivity required to communicate between applications. BCflow brokers on-chain and off-chain data, protocols, and applications and exposes the resulting workflows as business level APIs which can then be used to create Web3 application layer solutions.

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BCware Connectors

Blockchain Agnostic Integration

BCware’s unique symmetrical abstraction™ implementation isolates and abstracts the complexities of the underlying blockchain platforms from the application layer. This approach empowers innovative and portable multichain Web3 applications which can now reach communities on any blockchain ecosystem. BCware Connectors treat on-chain and off-chain components independently of their source to further simplify solution development. For a complete list of connectors hit the ‘explore’ button below.

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“The integration of off-chain data sources with smart contracts requires ultra-low latency and secure communications capabilities that current blockchain solutions don't provide. The integration of Synadia's global messaging and data streaming platform with BCware's innovative offering will accelerate customers' adoption of Tokengated Commerce and DeFi initiatives without being locked into a specific blockchain technology."

Derek Collison

Founder & CEO, Synadia

Solutions Built on the BCware Platform



Web3Link combines the best-of-breed solutions from BCC Group, BCware, and Synadia to enable TradFi organizations to seamlessly integrate off-chain and on-chain market data into smart contract applications. BCC Group’s OneOracle securely validates off-chain data while Synadia ensures real-time global distribution. The BCware platform allows developers to integrate market data into Web3 and DeFi applications, and provides multichain integration so that firms can reach customers in whatever blockchain ecosystem they prefer.

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NFTs for Shopify

The BCware NFT App for Shopify is an NFT marketplace builder to help merchants reach all mainstream audiences. Merchants can create an NFT marketplace on their existing storefront, and reach into communities specializing in art, sports memorabilia, music, and more. With BCware, merchants can bundle NFTs with existing physical products to drive community engagement.


Build in official partnership with Shopify.

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Latest News

June 15, 2023 | Press Release

Revolutionizing E-Commerce with zkSync Era-Powered BCware NFT App on Shopify

The BCware NFT App on Shopify store is now live on the zkSync Era Mainnet.

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January 19, 2023 |

BCware Attracts Two Former TIBCO Executives to Support Next Stage of Growth

Nelson Petracek and Paolo Pelizzoli, who share a TIBCO heritage with BCware’s founders, have joined BCware’s advisory board and will contribute to the company’s mission to revolutionize Web2/Web3 integration and workflow automation.

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December 4, 2022 |

Announcing zkSync and BCware Integration

At BCware, we strongly believe in providing the infrastructure that will allow Web2 companies onboard blockchain technology transparently. This is why we are pleased to announce the integration between zkSync and BCware, which helps bridge legacy applications and protocols with blockchains, to enable transformational business innovations without sacrificing functionality or security.

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