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Revolutionizing E-Commerce with zkSync Era-Powered BCware NFT App on Shopify

The BCware NFT App on Shopify store is now live on the zkSync Era Mainnet.

by David Bressler - June 15, 2023

We are excited to announce that the BCware NFT App on Shopify store is now live on
the zkSync Era Mainnet. This innovative app offers online merchants and creators a fast
and seamless way to mint, sell, and manage NFTs directly from their Shopify stores. It
automates workflows and streamlines the process of transactions, allowing users to
mint NFTs in real-time, directly from their storefronts, making it a game-changer for
small and large businesses alike. The app is available to artists, merchants, buyers,
collectors, and forward-thinking organizations who are seeking a more efficient way to
create, buy, and sell NFTs in the evolving digital landscape.

Blockchain-based businesses often grapple with prolonged transaction times and
excessive gas fees - stumbling blocks that have hindered web 3 adoption including the
realm of NFTs. However, BCWare NFT App offers a seamless Shopify integration for
merchants to list their NFTs, while enabling a fast, secure and cost-effective way for
users to mint NFTS. Leveraging the power of zkSync Era's scalability solution, BCware
adeptly navigates these challenges by moving transactions from the congested
Ethereum mainnet to an efficient layer-2, facilitating near-instant transaction
confirmations and a seamless user experience.

Additionally, BCware doesn't stop at speed; it enhances accessibility with zkSync's use
of zero-knowledge rollups to significantly cut gas fees. This reduction makes minting
and selling NFTs more affordable for merchants, and encourages buyer participation in
the NFT market, ultimately driving web3 adoption. Together, BCware and zkSync are
ushering in a new era, scaling Ethereum and setting the stage for a more inclusive, and
efficient NFT industry.

Key features of the BCware NFT App on zkSync Mainnet include:

  • Easy NFT Minting: Create unique digital assets with just a few clicks. Whether
    you are an artist, musician, or brand, you can mint NFTs representing your digital
    art, music, collectibles, and more.
  • Seamless Integration: The BCware NFT App integrates directly with your store,
    allowing you to manage your NFT inventory alongside your physical products.
  • Instant Transactions: Powered by zkSync Mainnet, the app offers near-instant
    transaction confirmations, ensuring a smooth and frictionless experience for both
    merchants and buyers.
  • Low Gas Fees: Eliminate exorbitant Ethereum gas fees. With zkSync's layer-2
    technology, you can enjoy ultra-low gas fees for minting and transferring NFTs.
  • Secure and Decentralized: The BCware NFT App is built on the secure and
    decentralized zkSync Mainnet, providing the peace of mind that your NFTs are
    safe and secure.

By integrating NFTs into your e-commerce site, you can:

  • Monetize your digital creations: Sell NFTs representing your digital art, music,
    videos, and more, unlocking new revenue streams.
  • Engage with your community: Offer exclusive NFTs to your most loyal fans,
    fostering a deeper connection with your audience.
  • Drive brand innovation: Create limited-edition NFTs for product launches,
    promotions, and collaborations, adding a new dimension to your brand

Get Started with the BCware NFT App

The BCware NFT App is available for download on the Shopify App Store. Get started
today and discover the endless possibilities that NFTs can bring to your e-commerce

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