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Announcing zkSync and BCware Integration

At BCware, we strongly believe in providing the infrastructure that will allow Web2 companies onboard blockchain technology transparently. This is why we are pleased to announce the integration between zkSync and BCware, which helps bridge legacy applications and protocols with blockchains, to enable transformational business innovations without sacrificing functionality or security.

by BCware - December 04, 2022

As enterprises start their Web3 adoption journey, there are many challenges and obstacles to overcome. The foremost Web3 adoption challenge is the quintessential integration problem of the existing legacy infrastructure with the new Web3 technologies.

BCware bridges this gap, making Web3 adoption a seamless transition for businesses and developers. The BCware Web2/Web3 Integration and Workflow Automation Platform has been built to develop portable and enterprise grade Web3 applications. In this way the complexities of the underlying blockchain platforms are hidden and connecting with the existing Web2 infrastructures is seamless.

Integrating zkSync into the BCware platform is an important step to greater scalability, security, and usability.

“We’re delighted to work with BCware to help break down the barriers to mainstream crypto adoption by bringing the ethos and strengths of Web3 to more traditional enterprises. This will continue to support our long-term mission; making self-sovereign participation in the digital economy affordable and accessible for anyone in the world.” Will Macfie, Ecosystem Marketing Lead for zkSync added.

On a Mission to Bridge the Gap Between Web2 & Web3

Going into 2023 we all expect more users to enter the Web3 space. The strength of zkSync's speed, scalability, and security and the incorporation of zkSync into BCware's platform  will create a much more secure environment for users. Developers are now able to use blockchain technologies without compromising their data privacy or risking security breaches.

As more companies start embracing Web3, these advancements will only become more important in ensuring that everyone's data remains safe and secure while still enjoying all the benefits of Web3.

“We enable traditional institutions to reinvent themselves by bridging their existing Web2 infrastructure and applications to the premise of decentralized applications and the tokenization economy of Web3.”  Tugrul Firatli, Founder and CEO of BCware said.

BCware Platform

Founded by a team of pioneers who invented enterprise integration during the early Web era, BCware provides an industrial grade Web2/Web3 integration and workflow automation platform to accelerate Web3 innovations.

The BCware platform is available today:

  • BCware Studio: Low-Code Web2-Web3 Workflow Automation; An easy-to-use interface for creating, managing, and deploying event-driven business flows across Web2 and Web3 systems
  • BCflow: Event-Driven On-Chain Off-Chain Workflow Automation Engine; Compiled flows execute in the cloud or on-premise in this containerized engine that provides the level of scalability and resiliency demanded by enterprise application service level requirements
  • Symmetrical Abstraction™ Layer: a connector-driven abstraction layer that eliminates complexity from higher layers in the stack, enabling teams to develop portable Web3 applications and solutions
  • Business API Layer: A Business API is a BCware Flow exposed as a GraphQL API for a Web2 or Web3 application to consume or trigger events. These APIs can be used in the same way as any other GraphQL API within the organization or beyond.

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