BCware NFT app for Shopify

Create an NFT marketplace on your Shopify store with BCware to reach into communities specializing in art, sports memorabilia, music, credentialing, and more.

Bundle NFTs with existing physical products to drive community engagement.

Connect your tokengated merchant site with your Web2 e-commerce infrastructure.

Built in official partnership with Shopify.

Key Benefits

Multichain NFT Delivery

Reach buyers using their choice of NFT wallets or platforms, instead of requiring technology of the merchant’s choosing.

Wide Choice of Creative Tools

Don’t get stuck with a minting tool poorly designed for the job you have in mind and the community you want to reach. Merchants create their NFTs using the creative tools they always use, without limiting distribution or adding friction to the buying process.

Buy with Fiat or Cryptocurrency

When we say we’ll help you reach all mainstream audiences, we mean it. Buyers don’t need to have a crypto wallet and can buy your NFTs just like they buy your physical products. The only thing that changes is fulfillment after the purchase is complete. NFT buyers new to crypto are handheld through the wallet setup flow to maximize their purchase satisfaction.

NFTs, Simply


Using a tool of your choice merchants can prepare the NFT they wish to create, including all the metadata, prior to creating the sales page. Minting occurs during fulfillment to minimize the merchant’s up-front costs.


Create the NFT product using the BCware NFT app integration with your Shopify store. This is the step where you work to balance minting fees with customer experience by choosing the right blockchain for your audience. Supported chains include Ethereum, Polygon, Flow, and Solana. Your NFT is integrated into the Shopify inventory back-end, along with any metadata, and able to be sold just like any other physical product.


Your customers will receive an email and with one click, they control the minting process. Once minted they can add the NFT to a wallet they already own or will be handheld through the flow of setting a new wallet.