BCware Web3 Integration Platform

BCware is the first integration platform designed from the ground-up for tokengated commerce.

Beyond tokengated e-commerce, companies are using BCware to create innovative Web3 solutions that leverage investments in Web2 applications and infrastructure.

Solutions include real-time market data integration into pricing oracles and smart contracts, blockchain-agnostic NFT applications and community building, and supply chain transparency.

Save time, future-proof application development, and leverage existing Web2 application and infrastructure investments with BCware.

Explore the variety of solutions built on top of the BCWare Web3 Integration Platform below.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

DeFi aims to reconstruct and reimagine TradFi – Traditional Finance – on the foundations of blockchains and smart contracts.

While regulatory challenges represent barriers to early mainstream adoption, the technology requirements to integrate TradFi applications and infrastructure with DeFi blockchains and Web3 services represent an even more formidable task.

Scalability, reliability and high performance have always been non-negotiable requirements in the financial services world where every new technology is scrutinized all the way to its smallest moving parts before being accredited as production caliber. While the race is on for traditional large financial institutions to offer crypto and digital services to their customers, they are faced with the paramount challenge of integrating existing offerings with the variety of blockchain platforms and emerging DeFi services without compromising the aforementioned technology requirements of Wall Street.

Founded by a team of integration pioneers who digitized Wall Street, BCware provides an integration and workflow orchestration platform addressing challenges faced by the TradFi (Traditional Finance) industry. The BCware platform delivers mission-critical grade solutions for the convergence of legacy financial systems with cryptocurrency and digital asset infrastructures with clear value to financial institutions: 

  • High performance and scalable symmetric on-chain/off-chain integration
  • A blockchain-agnostic integration platform for delivering multichain customer solutions
  • Off-the-shelf Connectors for existing Web2 applications and protocols, and Web3 blockchains and services
Web3Link Solution Architecture

Web3Link is a solution built on-top of the BCware Web3 Integration Platform, and is currently in beta. Contact sales for more information.

Tokengated Commerce

The BCware Web3 Integration Platform is the first platform designed to help retailers connect their Web2 e-commerce infrastructure into a tokengated commerce offering.

Tokengated commerce as an innovation project is interesting. Understanding identity and community, building loyalty models, working with new technology are all good incentives to explore Web3.

As often happens though, innovation occurs in standalone pockets across organizations while existing business systems run in parallel.

Innovations that run parallel to production infrastructure are often challenging to integrate back into real-world operations.

The BCware Web3 Integration Platform simplifies integration between Web3 technologies and business-critical Web2 infrastructure. Information critical to making decisions, such as customer or inventory information from applications like Salesforce or Shopify can be easily integrated into tokengated commerce retail front-ends.

Using BCflow retailers can define event-driven loyalty process flows that can begin or end either on-chain or off-chain. These flows are enriched in-flight by customer and inventory information in order to delight buyers and make them feel part of a community. Because information flows seamlessly between Web2 and Web3 commerce stacks, buyers receive the quality of service they’ve come to expect from e-commerce, blended with the emerging innovation added by Web3.

BCflow Flows are exposed as standard APIs, which can then be used by teams across the enterprise to limit duplicate development efforts and ensure that production systems are protected from disruption.

There are benefits to the Web3 development teams as well. Using BCware, teams can develop multichain NFT offerings without locking themselves into specific blockchain stacks. Innovative Web3 services such as IPFS or ENS, or custodial solutions like Fireblocks are supported out-of-the-box to enhance e-commerce and the tokengated opportunity.

To share more about how this technology is applied in the real-world, we’ve released our Shopify Multichain NFT app for Shopify Merchants.