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BCware Blockchain Agnostic NFT Solutions

As the unstoppable surge of the NFT market continues, along with it comes the quintessential challenges of transformative trends and technologies in their nascent stages: market fragmentation, compatibility, interoperability, scalability and cost representing some key issues.

Built with a unique vision and technology, the BCware platform addresses most of these challenges out-of-the-box.  Our NFT Solution set is comprised of an assortment of apps with distinct features as depicted in the diagram below:


NFT Solutions Features

The key features of the BCware NFT Solution set can be summarized as:


Blockchain agnostic: As the NFT market requires full flexibility in choice of Blockchain platforms, the built-in Blockchain agnostic nature of the BCware platform supports this challenge out-of-the-box.


Cross-chain interoperability: The BCware apps provide full transparent support for the transfer, buy and sell of NFTs across all mainstream Blockchain platforms.


On-chain/off-chain integration: Seamless integration of the underlying Blockchain platform with off-chain systems.


Workflow orchestration: End-to-end on-chain/off-chain orchestration of NFT operations.

Innovating with BCware

Powered by the unique features of the BCware Platform our NFT apps also open the doors for innovative investment possibilities:


Providing orchestration of tasks of across boundaries of CeFi, DeFi, NFTs and the Metaverse for new ways of tokenization.


Enabling users to insert digital assets inside NFTs — ERC20, ERC721 or ERC1155 — giving them the unprecedented power to create nested NFTs.


We are fully integrated with Aave/MakerDAO/Synthetic/Uniswap /Compound/Rarible /Polygon for DeFi digital asset support meaning NFTs can earn programmable yields. Any token that is supported by Aave can be earning interest inside your NFT.

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