Innovative NFT Use Cases: Legal

NFT ‘Service Token’ Airdropped to Alleged Crypto Thief’s Wallet Satisfies Due Process Notice Requirement says NY Supreme Court. This is both ground-breaking and highlights the importance of integration between Web2 and Web3.

by David Bressler - Jun 14, 2022

It's interesting that considering the heavily restrictive bitlicense that NY State has in place or the ban on mining they've recently instituted that the NY Supreme Court is leading the way with an innovative NFT offering.

Though, I doubt this is the sort of NFT anyone wants to collect.

The short of it is that airdropping court documents to the thief's digital wallet, even though the court doesn't know the identity of the thief, satisfies the due process notice requirement.

Is this useful? It seems to be. Can this be done another way? I think the real answer to that is over my head, but consider that a wallet address is being treated differently than an email address. It's obvious (to anyone who sends a newsletter at least) why an email address can't be used in this way (hello spam folder). But it's interesting that a wallet address is being treated differently.

My thoughts are going in many directions as I write this... the implications should CBDC's take off and how courts could block addresses from participating in the monetary system.

But we're here at BCware for one thing - the integration between Web2 and Web3 and enabling companies to solve innovative problems with Web3 while taking advantage of existing Web2 infrastructure.

My Jailhouse Experience

A while back, I worked with the Virginia Department of Corrections on a project. The process of moving inmates between jail and court came with a lot of paperwork. They'd literally put that paperwork in an envelope and pin or clip it to each inmate as they were moved around on their court dates.

Seems like a formula for a lot of mistakes, not to mention how demeaning it must have been for inmates. Regardless of how you feel about these inmates, demeaning them can't be good for the safety of the corrections officers. But, social justice aside, it's an inefficient system.

We were brought in to help with the business process automation and integration to ensure that inmates flowed smoothly, courts ran efficiently, and costly errors were minimized.

Modern Day Due Process

Back to the present. There's a big gap between a court that can serve a wallet with notice, and inmates who literally have packets of information clipped to them as they move around a courthouse.

In both cases, there are a lot of back-end systems that contain information useful to these activities. And, while what the NY Supreme Court has done is truly ground-breaking, if it's done in isolation without integration to all the back end systems on which modern legal activity is built, it really is only a proof-of-concept for what the future of enforcement in the metaverse might be.

Not to mention the other obvious thing... one can airdrop to a wallet address only if the chain is supported for minting the NFT. We've shown how multichain NFT support can be simply built right into any application as we've done with our BCware NFT app for Shopify. It's important that this sort of thing is done transparently to the application, for a variety of reasons including lower cost of ownership, reduced impact of change, timeliness of support for a particular chain when notice needs to be served, and so on.

Read more about this innovative NFT use case on twitter.

Want to move past a proof-of-concept and deploy meaningful innovation on Web3? Drop us a note and let's chat about your project.

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